Masha and the Bear


Masha Party Character for Hire
Masha and the Bear theme
Masha and the Bear Theme party
Masha Party Character for Kids
Masha Party Character
Hire Masha and the bear

Masha would love to join your next celebration!


When Masha first arrives at your celebration, she will greet all of the children, and pay special attention to the birthday girl, of course! She can then do a variety of activites such as fun games with her very good friend, the Bear! She will bring a Teddy Bear plush and play games like Hide and Seek with the Bear, Where's the Bear? (a guessing game), Hot Potato with the Bear, and more! She can also do glitter face painting, balloon twisting, or dancing with children. We will build the party around your preferences!


Masha will always leave time to take photos with the children, and likes to end her time at the party by singing "happy birthday" to the birthday girl. On her way out the door, Masha will always offer hugs goodbye to any children who would like one.

Please note that we do not offer the "Bear" costumed character.

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