Social Distancing Party

Let's Celebrate in a safe way!

Our ideal goal right now is to find a way to bring joy and excitement to celebrations, while making sure safety precautions are in place that make guests and performers feel comfortable.

In general, we are asking that all parties have a max of ~25 guests including children and adults, unless it is a drive-by event and all guests will be staying in their vehicles. All events must be outdoors, except in rare occasions  when party size is less than 10 guests, all guests and performers are wearing masks, and the performers and guests are comfortable with this arrangement prior to booking. 

When you contact us for your party, and we will be very transparent about what we can offer for your specific event based on the city, date, guest count, venue, and performers available. Some face character performers only wear masks, and other performers are comfortable not wearing a mask as long as guest count is low and everyone is social distancing (and some require that all guests wear masks). Some mascot performers are comfortable with contact (hugs and high-fives) because they are in a full body costume, and some require social distancing. The best way to proceed is to send us a contact form and be as detailed as possible about your event (date and time, indoors/outdoors, city, number of total guests, number of kids engaging with the character, and which guests, if any, will be wearing masks.) Please be honest in your inquiry and let us know if you will only consider booking in the event that performer offers contact and won't be wearing a mask. We may or may not have this available depending on the above factors, but we think it is important to understand where you're coming from and what you're looking for so that we can match you with the right performer, or let you know that we can't provide what you are looking for at this time.  

Some performers are comfortable getting close if they are wearing a mask. Some performers (and clients) prefer that the performer doesn't wear a mask but they social distance. Let us know what you are looking for and we will see what we can do!


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