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Shopkins Party Characters

Shopkins Party Activities

and Packages

One Hour Party: Interactive fun!

The first hour of our Mascot Parties is all about playing, interacting, and immersing the kids in the world of the character! 

The "Shopkins Cupcake" or "Shopkins Cookie" will enter the party, accompanied by a party host, and greet the birthday boy or girl and all of their friends. We offer a standard party host, as well as "Cupcake Girl" and "Donut Girl" human characters from the collection. 

After their entrance, the party host and Shopkins character will lead the kids in some themed activities. First, they can dance with dancing props (Ribbons, Bells, Scarves) to a variety of songs! 

Following this, the party host will lead the kids in some themed games. Examples may include: Hot Potato with Kooky Cookie (plush), Hide and Seek with Kooky Cookie (plush), Where's Kooky Cookie? (a guessing game), etc. 


The first hour will wrap up with photos with the Shopkins Character, the cake ceremony, and singing happy birthday. 

On her way out the door, the Shopkins Character will offer high fives and hugs goodbye to all the children who would like one. 

If you would like to upgrade your party host to "Cupcake Girl" or "Donut Girl," (a colorful human character from the collection) please inquire about this possibility!

Extended Party: Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

After the Shopkins says goodbye, the Party Host can stay for additional time to do some simple face painting and balloon twisting with the children. 

Examples of simple cheek and hand painting include: butterflies, flowers, snakes, spiders, snowflakes, hearts, etc. Some performers can do designs specific to your particular theme, or we can include themed temporary tattoos. Please inquire if this is something that you are interested in. 

Examples of our balloon twisting include single-balloon creations like: dogs, flowers, cats, dinosaurs, swords, and butterflies. 

We keep our face painting and balloon twisting on the simpler side to accommodate more children in a shorter amount of time. All activities are performed as time allows.

Every performer is different, but here are some estimations of approximately how long we might recommend booking, based on the number of children you are expecting:

10 or less children: 30 minutes for face painting OR balloon twisting, 1 hour for both face painting AND balloon twisting

15-20 children: One hour for face painting OR balloon twisting, 90 minutes for both face painting AND balloon twisting

25+ children: Two hours. The performer will start with your top priority activity (face painting or balloon twisting) and aim to do both activities if possible, which will depend on how many children are actually present and interested in participating. 

**If the performer is available to stay longer than the amount of time you have booked them for, you may be able to extend them for additional time on the day of the party as needed. 

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Shopkins Face Characters

Our Shopkins Cookie or Cupcake are always accompanied by a Party Host who will help run the party. We also offer the option to upgrade to the "Cupcake Girl" or the "Donut Girl," as the Party Host, who is a human character from the collection. Our regular Party Hosts will wear standard professional attire. Rates are below.

Interested in just having the "Cupcake Girl" or the "Donut Girl" at your party? Check out our Shopkins Face Character Parties. 

Shopkins Party Pricing

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