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Dinosaur Themed Party

Hire a dinosaur for dinosaur party
Dinosaur themed birthday party
Dinosaur themed party
Dinosaur birthday party
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Dinosaur Puppet for events
Dinosaur themed party
Dinosaur character for hire
Dinosaur themed birthday party
Dinosaur for hire for parties
Meet a dinosaur at your party
hire a dinosaur
Rent a dinosaur for party
dinosaur birthday party

Dinosaur Theme Party Options

We have three options for a Dinosaur themed party:

  • Dinosaur Puppet and Puppeteer

  • Dinosaur Trainer character for interactive activities and simple face painting or balloon twisting

  • Dinosaur-themed Face painter/Balloon Twister







Dinosaur Puppet and Puppeteer

Meet the Dinosaur!

Check out a Dinosaur birthday party in action!

Our Dinosaur Puppet parties include a 10 minute interactive show with the Dinosaur Puppeteer and an additional "Dinosaur Trainer" that includes meeting the dinosaur, dinosaur facts, and dinosaur trivia. After the Dinosaur "Show," the second "Trainer" can lead a variety of interactive activities, such as some fun dinosaur themed games or an obstacle course! If you wish, the Dinosaur Puppet, Puppeteer and Trainer can also be present for the cake ceremony and singing happy birthday to the birthday celebrant. They will also leave time for photos with any of the guests who would like one.

The second Dinosaur Trainer can also do simple face painting or balloon twisting upon request, but if you are looking for Dinosaur-themed face painting and multiple varieties of Dinosaur balloons, we recommend booking a professional face painter/balloon twister instead. Our Dinosaur Trainer can offer Dinosaur themed temporary tattoos and a Brontosaurus balloon. 






Dinosaur Trainer Character

Dinosaur-themed Face Painter/Balloon Twister

*Designs below are only available from our professional face painters, not Dinosaur Trainer characters


Add a Professional Face Painter: $200/hr

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