Themed Entertainers

There isn't always an obvious character for every party theme. That's where our "themed entertainers" come in! We can provide a costumed or non-costumed entertainer for just about any theme! We will take our basic party activities and theme them to fit your party using a themed plush and stickers for games, providing themed face painting or temporary tattoos, and sometimes even themed balloon twisting. Have an obscure party theme? Just ask us! We may have a costume that isn't pictured that would fit your theme, and if we don't we can always provide a clown or non-costumed entertainer who can perform themed activities. Contact us to discuss your individual party!

Costumed Themed Entertainers

Safari Guide
Race Car Driver
Fairy Themed Party
Unicorn Party
Mermaid Themed Party
Train Engineer
Spooky Witch or Friendly Witch
Halloween Themed Party
Ninja Themed Party
Hula Dancer
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Dr. Seuss Themed Entertainer
Fish Friends
Parisian Girl
Farm Themed Entertainer
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Other Costumed Themed Entertainers we currently offer:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Space themed party

  • Camp Counselor/Camping themed party

  • Train Engineer/Train themed party

  • Pirates

  • Soccer Player

  • Cowboys and Cowgirls

We have also done non-costumed themed entertainers for the following themes:
  • Where the Wild Things Are

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • Daniel Tiger

  • Octonauts

  • Dinosaur Train

  • Emoji Party

Themed Party Activities

All activities are performed as time allows, based upon the amount of time you book the entertainer for and how many children are present and participating. We will always build the party around your preferences. 


Glitter Face Painting: Cheek and Hand designs like Butterflies, Flowers, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Snakes, Skulls, Spiders, and more! We may be able to tailor the face painting to fit your theme, or provide themed temporary tattoos.

Balloon twisting: Single balloon creations such as Swords, Dogs, Hats, Heart Wands, Cats, Flowers, Dinosaurs, Butterflies, etc. 

Games If you book a themed entertainer, we will bring a plush and stickers that fit your theme. The stickers will be given out as prizes (each child will get a small sticker for participating and the winner will get a larger sticker.) The plush will be used to help games fit your party theme (ie. we would use a Daniel Tiger plush for Hot Potato if you are having a Daniel Tiger party.) Games might include: Hide and Seek, Hot Potato, Bring Me, Doggie Doggie Where's your bone?, Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, Limbo, etc. 

Dancing: Fun, interactive songs like "The Freeze," "Animal Action," "Slow and Fast," etc. Props like Ribbons, bells, scarves may be available upon request. Songs/music that fits your theme may also be available upon request. 

Storytelling: If applicable, the entertainer can tell a story or read a book based upon your party theme. 

Photo Opportunities

Singing Happy Birthday and Cake Ceremony

Costumed Themed Entertainer Party Pricing

Non-Costumed Themed Entertainer Party Pricing

Other characters you might be interested in...

*Pricing varies per character. Click on each picture for more information.

My Little Pony Themed Party
Patrol Pup
Shopkins Themed Party
PJ Heroes
Cute Clowns
Troll Themed Party
Pokemon Themed Party
Ballet Themed Party
Masha and the Bear
Joyful Girl
Red Furry Monster
Pink Pig
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The Pure Imagination Party Company is an independent company and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by any other companies. We offer only generic characters based upon public domain fairytales and other stories, and any similarities to copyright material is purely coincidental. No copyright infringement is intended. 

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