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Easter Bunny Character for Hire

Easter Bunny character for hire
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Easter Bunny for Easter Celebration
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Easter Bunny Party Character
Hire Easter bunny
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What will the Bunny do at my Event?

Easter Bunny Photo Ops

The Easter Bunny would love to join your event and take photos with all of your guests. Children and adults alike love meeting the Easter Bunny and capturing a memory they will never forget!The Easter Bunny is available to hire on a per-hour basis, and our performers will perform on a 45 min on 15 min off schedule, with a 30 minute break needed after the third hour. 

Activities with the Easter Bunny

If you are looking for some entertainment with the Easter Bunny (more than just photos), we've got you covered! We can provide up to 60 minutes of interactive activities. We always provide a separate party host to accompany the Easter Bunny and help assist with pictures, take the Easter Bunny on breaks when needed (if the event is longer than one hour), and help the easter bunny navigate around the party. 

The Host can lead the following activities with the Easter Bunny:

-Hiding eggs and/or helping the kids hunt for eggs (if eggs/prizes are provided by the client)

-Fun dancing with the Easter Bunny (ie. The Bunny Hop, The Chicken Dance, Animal action, Freeze Dance, etc.)

-Games (hot potato, limbo, musical chairs, etc)!

-Balloon Twisting: Upon request (must be requested prior to booking), the host can twist simple balloons for the kids while the Bunny poses for photos or interacts with the guests. 

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