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About Us


We believe that all children are born with a "pure imagination" that often (regrettably) starts to disappear as children grow older.

Children believe in magic. They speak their own truth, without any filter.  They have eternal optimism.

When we bring children's favorite characters to life, we see their eyes light up with joy and wonder, and then see that happiness spread to everyone around them--young and old. 

 We hope that through entertainment, we can help encourage children's creative thinking and remind them that they can be

whatever and whoever they want to be.

With a pure imagination, anything is possible


     Hello! My name is Alisha, and I am the owner of The Pure Imagination Party Company. I have an extensive performing background that lead me to begin performing at children's parties many years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the event planning industry! As a performer I have performed as a theme park face character, received my BFA in Musical Theatre, have performed in over 40 stage shows throughout California, and completed several cruise ship contracts as a principal singer and vocal captain. I was also teacher of drama, dance, musical theatre, and visual art for children for over ten years with various non-profit organizations before starting this company. It is very important to me to hire other performers with similar levels of experience and expertise! We are now entering our eighth year in business and growing every day. The Pure Imagination Party Company brings professional, high quality party entertainment to Los Angeles, Orange County, and The Inland Empire to meet the needs, standards, and expectations of our esteemed clients. 



    When I started this company, I had one simple goal in mind: create something that would support me financially while I pursued my acting career. I thought initially I would be the only performer, but very quickly I added many other performers to the roster as the company grew. I soon realized that although I was a bit of an accidental entrepreneur, I absolutely loved being a business owner, and started identifying myself more as an entrepreneur than as a performer. Now, I have the privilege of being able to supply other actors with a job that’s fun and in their field, and allows them to pursue their acting careers. We started out with only princesses, and grew year after year by adding clowns, other popular TV and movie characters, mascots, superheroes, Santa Claus and other holiday characters, and then added a photo booth! We now have over 70 different characters and well over 100 costumes. We are now entering our seventh year in business (an exciting milestone!) and growing every day. 


    The Pure Imagination Party Company brings professional, high quality character entertainment to clients virtually around the world and in-person to Los Angeles, Orange County, and The Inland Empire.


Excellent Customer Service

We know that our clients put a lot of thought, money, and time into making their parties and events special, so we will do the same! 

We're prompt with phone and email responses and will make sure your questions get answered. 

We make the booking process as easy and streamlined as possible and will keep in communication with you throughout the process to make sure you're good to go.

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High Quality Performers

We hire the best! Our Performers are all professional, working actors and singers who look and sound like the character they are portraying.

They are high energy and great at engaging both adults and children! Everyone is sure to have a fantastic time.

All of our performers have experience working with children. 

We put a lot of time and money into making sure our performers receive quality training. We therefore feel our prices are competitive and very reasonable for the professional-level service we offer.

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Professional  Costumes and Materials

Our character costumes are all extremely high quality. All costumes are handmade, or purchased from the best manufacturers and suppliers.


Every costume and wig is cleaned and maintained after every use to ensure they meet the highest standards.

All materials such as Face Paints and Balloons are top quality by industry standards.

See pictures of all of our

Party Characters and Costumes

Top-Rated and 

We have never cancelled a party on a client after they put down a deposit! We get calls every week from clients who are scrambling because their "entertainment cancelled at the last minute." We will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to you if you book with our company.


We are one of the top rated and reviewed party entertainment companies in all of Southern California. We have over 400 5-star Reviews on Yelp (across three pages)!

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