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Harry Potter

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Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony
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Potions Lesson
Harry Potter Birthday Party LA
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Wizard School Parties

Wizard School Party Packages and Activities

Welcome to the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Here, the new "students" will learn all about magic and enjoy a sorting ceremony, wand selection ceremony, wizard duels, potions lesson, themed games, a trivia competition, and more! We can customize our parties for birthday celebrants anywhere from age 5 to 13, or even for teenagers or adults!


The Wizard students will arrive fully in character and speak with an authentic British or Scottish Dialect. Our Wizard students are not meant to represent any particular characters, but are unique students from who are currently attending the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and would love to share what they've learned in their lessons with the guests at your party! 


We have designed our packages around what fits best into a 60 min, 90 min, and 2 hour party, but we are happy to discuss customization with you if you have any substitutions you'd like to make!







Basic Wizard School Party: 60 minutes

Hat Ceremony: One at a time, each of the children from your party will be sorted into their houses. We have over 50 professional voice-overs for the hat, and children can choose which house they want to be sorted into, or be sorted at random. After they've been sorted each child will receive a name tag with their house crest on it.

Wand Selection, Spells lesson, and Dueling Club: Every young witch or wizard must have a wand, so a wand will select each of the children, and these wands will be in a basic spells lesson. The children will learn how to cast spells and get to practice on their teachers, and on each other. They will learn the proper form of a duel, and each pair who wishes to will have a chance to perform their rehearsed duel to music in front of the group. We even offer wands for purchase so that the children can keep their wands and continue practicing their magic long after the Wizard Students have left the party.

Photos with the Wizard Students

Singing Happy Birthday and Cake Ceremony

Two Wizard Students/1 hour: $349

Want the children to keep their wands? Add Deluxe wands to your party package!


Basic Wizard School Party: 90 minutes

This package includes all of the above activities as time allows (hat ceremony, wand selection, spells lesson and duels, Photos, Happy Birthday) plus your choice of the following activities, performed as time allows:

Trivia Competition: The children will compete in the ultimate trivia competition! We recommend this activity for parties where the majority of children are ages 8 and up and are fairly knowledgeable about the Wizarding book series. 

Games: Wizard students will lead games and age appropriate activities such as themed Charades, "Who am I?", Guess the number of Every Flavor Beans, Where's the Owl?, and more!

Wizard Sports: While no brooms are involved, the kids will be on cloud nine playing this muggle-friendly rendition of their favorite wizarding sport!

Two Wizard Students/90 Min: $469

Want the children to keep their wands? Add Deluxe wands to your party package!


Deluxe Wizard School Party: 2 hrs

This package includes all of the activities in the basic one hour party (hat ceremony, wand selection, spells lesson and duels)

plus a Potions Lesson! Each child will receive their own potion bottle and create a unique potion of their very own to keep and take home. They will get to add ingredients of their own choosing such as Lacewing Fly Wigs, Acromantula Venom, Draught of living death, Bubotuber pus, Flobberworm Mucus, Cornish Pixie Dust, and much more! (real ingredients include glitter, feathers, oil, water, etc. but each bottle has an authentic magical label. This activity can be messy so we recommend lots of tablecloths, paper towels, and setting the performers up outside if possible!) The children will also get to decorate a label for their potion and tell the “class” about their potion's magical properties.

2 Wizard Students for 2 hours: $664*

*Price includes 15 children or less. $5 for each additional child

*Depending on the party, there may or may not be time for additional activities such as Wizard Sports, Trivia competition, and Games. We can talk to you about customizing your party, but if you would like a variety of these additional activities, we may recommend booking for 2.5 hours, which is priced at $784 (for up to 15 children)


Want the children to keep their wands? Add Deluxe wands to your party package!




We had a

for my son, and we hired The Pure Imagination Party Company as Hogwarts Students. They did an unbelievable job!!! They arrived right on time, and were in full character as soon as they walked through the door. They were extremely knowledgeable about Harry Potter and the kiddos absolutely loved them. The kiddos really enjoyed the sorting ceremony; that was the hit of the party. They also did a lot of other activities and they had 18 kid's full attention for the 1.5hrs. they were there. I could not be more happy with The Pure Imagination Party company. This team made my son's birthday an unforgettable experience!!

— Adam, Anaheim


The performers were AWESOME. Trust me on this. Never had a better party, and all the kids (and adults) were freaking. It really seemed like we had a couple of Hogwarts students over. You made a little seven-year-old HarryPotter fanatic feel very special. Thank you soooooo much!

— Bailey, North Hollywood


The Harry Potter actors were incredible- very professional and knew their HP trivia perfectly. They took the party to another level and my son is STILL talking about how amazing the experience was. Could not recommend more highly!

— Cassy, Los Angeles

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