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  Virtual Princess Visit  

Meet a Princess on Zoom! 15 minutes includes personalized chat time, a sing-a-long, and singing "Happy Birthday" (if applicable). 30 min: Add story time, games, or dancing (or more time to talk to guests). 1 hr: Add a craft activity




/1 hr

Prices are per character. These rates also apply to other female "face characters" like fairies, Descendants, trolls, superheroes, etc.

Sample Princess Video Call:

  Virtual Mascot Visit  

Talk to one of your favorite characters, and dance along to some sun songs! 15 minutes includes personalized chat time, dancing, and singing "Happy Birthday" (if applicable). 15 min is the max recommended for a small group or individual video call, but you can add on a full dance party for the 30 min price if you are throwing a virtual event for your group, company, or audience. 



Two entertainers are included in these rates - the mascot and a host performer who will lead the video call/event

Sample Mascot Video Call:
Virtual_superhero_party (1).jpg

  Virtual Superhero Visit  

Meet your favorite Superhero right from your own home! 15 minutes includes personalized chat time, brief "Superhero Training," and singing "Happy Birthday" (if applicable). 30 min: Add games, dancing, or a story upon request (or more time to talk to guests). 1 hr: Add a craft activity. Due attention span, 15 minutes is recommended for most small events or video calls.



/1 hr


Prices are per character. These rates also apply to other male and female "face characters" like pokemon trainers, star wars, etc.

Sample Superhero Video:

/15 minutes

/30 minutes

/15 minutes

/30 minutes

/15 minutes

/30 minutes


  Virtual Puppet Visit  

Our puppet characters are super unique because they are able to talk to the children, and all puppeteers are voice actors who can voice match the character. 15 minutes includes personalized chat time, singing a themed song, and singing "Happy Birthday" (if applicable). 30 min: Add a Dance Party (or more time to talk to guests - usually recommended for virtual events and large groups but not birthdays or small groups due to attention span)


/15 min


/30 min**

Puppet characters can be found here
**For some puppet events, a host may be required depending on the content, activities, and performers. If this is the case, refer to mascot rates above.

Sample Puppet Video:

  Virtual Holiday Visit  

Meet Santa on Zoom this year - no mall required! Other holiday characters include Elves, Mrs Claus, Ballerinas, and more. 10-15 minutes includes personalized chat time with the children in the call. We also offer 30 min+ for virtual events, and full virtual Christmas parties with multiple characters and activities. Check out our 'Virtual Christmas' page for all the options.


/15 min

/30 min



/1 hr

Above are starting rates per holiday character. Rates for Santa are higher than other holiday characters and start at $39 for 10 min. 

Sample Christmas Video Call:

Pre-Recorded Video

Pre-recorded videos make great gifts, or can be screen-shared in an online zoom party. Fill out a form with your custom video requests so that your character of choice can personalize the video for your child. We usually require a minimum of 48-72 hrs to create a custom video.


/2-3 min pre-recorded video with Face character (1 performer)


/2-3 min pre-recorded video with Mascot character (2 performers)

Sample Pre-recorded Video:

How can I use my Video Call?

  • Group Virtual Parties - Invite as many guests as you'd like to a zoom birthday party and the character can help host! Extra attention will be placed on the birthday child, but the character can help entertain your group and give other children a chance to interact with the character as well. Group activities, one-on-one interaction, and singing happy birthday are all included.

  • Family Birthday Celebrations - At-home birthdays are extra special with a virtual visit from the birthday child's favorite character! There will be lots of one-on-one interaction and the visit will always end by singing Happy Birthday to the birthday celebrant. 

  • Virtual Events - Companies and Groups can book a virtual event for their customers or members. The possibilities are endless and examples include character pop-ins for company parties, library storytelling events, a character to host any kind of special event for your group like games, a raffle, storytelling and singing, a craft project, a dance class, and much more! We are always open to custom requests

  • Birthday Gift or Surprise - Know a child celebrating a birthday? Gift a video call or a Pre-Recorded video to the birthday celebrant!

  • Pick me up and Special Rewards - If your kids are sick, bored, or just bummed out, a virtual call might be just what they need to keep them entertained, increase motivation, or make them feel inspired. Has your child reached a new milestone? (Graduation, doing their chores, potty training, learning a new skill, etc) Reward them with a special visit from their favorite character!

  • Hospital Visits - It's always tough to get a character into a hospital due to the (understandable) restrictions that hospitals impose. A virtual visit is the perfect way to spread cheer to kids who are hospitalized. Our video calls have even helped kids heal faster and accept treatment more readily due to increased motivation. You can even apply to receive a free virtual visit from a character if your child is hospitalized or has unique circumstances. 


Pay It Forward


Help us give back by donating a Video Call to a child in need.

Every $30 donated will pay for one child's wish to be granted! We have set up a GoFundMe to accept donations. 

The children who will be receiving the video calls include:
-Children with critical illnesses
-Children who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus
-Children with special needs, disabilities, or unique circumstances

Do you know a Child in Need who would benefit from a

Video Call with their favorite character?


What kinds of virtual services do you offer?

We offer video calls (15-30 minutes in length) that can be used for virtual birthday parties with multiple accounts and friends, or for small gatherings where the character can give individualized attention to the few children in attendance. Characters can do video visits with children to celebrate a birthday or other special occassion, or just say hello! We are also doing live virtual events on our instagram and facebook, and love to collaborate with new partners and do live events for other individuals and companies. Contact us if you're interested in a collab! We are also offering free video calls to children who have been hospitalized or those with special needs and those with special needs. This summer, we will be offering virtual classes and camps.

What happens in a virtual princess party?

When the princess enters the zoom party, typically everyone's mics are unmuted. She will say hello to everyone and encourage other guests to greet the birthday girl or boy as well. Then, everyone's mics will be muted other than the princess and the birthday celebrant so the princess can give them some one-on-one attention. She will talk to the birthday child about their favorite things, hobbies, toys, the outfit they're wearing, etc. The Princess will then sing a song or two, or even tell a bit of her story depending upon client request and how long the virtual party is booked for. If time, the princess can allow other children to unmute their mics one at a time to say hello or ask a question. To conclude the party, the princess will help lead the singing of "Happy Birthday."

Will you send the zoom link or should I send the zoom link to you?

In our experience, it works best if you supply the zoom link to us and all of your guests, and we will share it with our performer(s). This means that you will be the host of the zoom meeting, and therefore control all of the mics. This way, the character can ask you throughout the call to mute all participants, unmute all participants, or unmute one specific guest at a time. This creates the most seamless experience and allows the character to focus on performing and focus on the kids. However, if you are extremely uncomfortable or unfamiliar with zoom, we can provide the link instead upon request.

On what platforms can you do a video call or virtual party?

For video calls between the character and one other family (or small group of people all in one location) you can choose between Facetime or Zoom. For virtual parties (where you are inviting other people to join from multiple locations) we recommend zoom.

What does a virtual superhero party entail?

The superhero will greet the birthday girl or boy and all of their friends, and then show everyone a few of their superhero moves. They will spend the majority of the call talking to the birthday celebrant about their favorite hobbies, things to do, toys, etc. The birthday child will feel extra special with the Superhero comes to their virtual party knows about all of their favorite things! If time allows, the superhero will unmute other children's mics throughout the party to say hello and answer questions. The superhero will end their time in the zoom party by singing "Happy Birthday" with everyone all together.

What can a mascot do during our virtual party?

Since our mascots can't talk, they will always have a second person with them to help facilitate the interaction and conversation. This host may or may not be on camera with the mascot. The mascots can dance with children, wave, blow kisses, and, with the help of their host, talk to the children about all of their favorite things! We will ask you ahead of time to provide us with information about your child's hobbies, favorite songs, and more so that the entertainers are as prepared as possible to customize the party to your little ones. They will end the virtual party by singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday celebrant and making them feel extra special.

Can the character include a special message to the children during the call?

Of course! We will send you a request upon booking to let us know all about your child - their favorite things to do, favorite songs, hobbies, recent accomplishments, etc. You let us know what you'd like the entertainers to know so that they can customize the call as much as possible. If you have a special message you'd like conveyed - be sure to let us know. Examples may include messages about staying safe at home and remembering to wash their hands, reminding children to be good at home (listen to parents, brush their teeth, be kind to their brother's and sisters, etc), or telling them that they are proud of them for their accomplishments (using the big potty, graduation from kindergarten, doing their homework, turning 7 years old, sharing with their name it!) We can customize calls from as young as 3 to as old as 10.

Should i book the 15 or 30 minute package?

The length we recommend you book depends on the occassion for the call and the number of guests on the call. It also depends on the activities you want included. Generally if it's a small party or a one-on-one video call, we recommend 15 minutes, and for zoom parties with multiple accounts we recommend 30 minutes. Here are a few specific recommendations: -The call will only include two accounts - one child + their family and the character. Recommendation: 15 minutes (unless you know that your child is very talkative and would love more one on one time or you have specific requests). -The call is for a zoom birthday party with 5+ accounts. Recommendation: 30 minutes, so that the character has plenty of time to make the birthday child feel special, entertain the group, and open it up to questions/hellos from other guests in the party before singing happy birthday -My child is very shy or young Recommendation: 15 minutes -I am interested in having a live event with a character on my instagram or facebook page Recommendation: 30 minutes -I am interested in booking a mascot for a virtual party or playdate Recommendation: 15 minutes -I am interested in the princess telling her story in addition to singing a song or two Recommendation: 30 minutes

How many people can I invite to my zoom birthday party?

As many as you'd like! We do not put any restrictions on the number of guests you can invite. If there are more than 10 accounts, it is likely that the character will not be able to open it up to more than a few "hellos" and questions from children outside the birthday celebrant's family (both due to time and attention span), but everyone invited can still be entertained by the group interaction with the character! Free accounts on zoom can include up to 100 participants per "meeting." If you'd like to invite more than 100 accounts to your virtual party or host a party that is longer than 40 minutes long in its total duration, you will need to purchase a paid account through zoom.

Can I book multiple characters for my virtual party?

Yes! The rates published are per character, but you can certainly book 2, 3, or 4 characters if you would like. If you book more than one character, they will be joining the zoom party on separate accounts, except in a few cases where our performers are roommates in real life. Due to sound delays, our characters zooming in from separate accounts can only sing one at a time (so no duets) so other characters will mute themselves or lip sync while the others are singing.

Do your characters play games during the call?

Sometimes! But generally games are not guaranteed or included. So far we have found that games just don't work as well as other activities in virtual parties and video calls. Kids mostly just want to talk to the characters, and above all kids love to show the characters their toys. We have found that focusing on singing (for our singing characters), storytelling when time allows, and talking to the kids about their favorite things are the most successful activities, but occassionally a performer might throw a game or two in if it seems appropriate to the participants and the situation!

Should I purchase a video call or a pre-recorded video message for my child?

If your child loves to talk, is fairly outgoing, and is 4 or older, we recommend the video call. Once they reach the age of 4, the kids are usually able to differentiate between a character interacting with them one-on-one and watching a show on TV. They are also old enough to remember and cherish the memory of talking to a character in real time! If your child is shy and you're not sure if they'd be overwhelmed talking to a character, if they have trouble focusing for longer than a few minutes and have a lot of energy, or they're under the age of 3 we would recommend purchasing a pre-recorded video message. This way the child can watch the video over and over when they are ready, and the video is shorter and requires less focused attention (but is still incredibly personalized)! If you aren't sure what a pre-recorded video would look like, click here for examples.

What areas do you service for virtual parties? Does it matter where I live?

We can do virtual parties and video calls anywhere in the world! The only reason it matters where you live and we ask for your location in our contact form is so that we can make sure everyone is on the same page about your time zone. Our company is located in California so please make sure to specify the time zone you are in when submitting your inquiry, or convert your requested time to PST. We have done virtual parties in India, France, Australia, Scotland, and just about every state in the US! We are having so much fun being able to spread the joy of our characters to people all over the world in a way we never even imagined possible. If you are looking for an in-person party, we service Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

I’m worried my child will be shy or not have the attention span for a video call. What do you recommend?

If you think your child might be shy or not have the attention span to focus on the character, we recommend booking the shorter package (15 minutes). If they are shy, things you can do to help them feel comfortable include sitting with them during the call and helping to keep the conversation going with the character, telling them that the character will be calling in advance (not letting it be a surprise), helping your child come up with 2-4 questions in advance that they'd like to ask the character, and letting our company know ahead of time what their favorite songs to sing are (for our singing characters). If, during the call, you're noticing a "shut down" from your child because they are overwhelmed, ask them if they'd like to show the character some of their favorite toys! This takes some of the attention off them, gets them moving, and places the focus on something they love and are comfortable with. If your child is getting unfocused during the call, some of the same techniques are very helpful: reminding them to ask questions they had prepared before the call began, and encouraging them to get a toy and bring it back to the camera and tell the character about it. It also helps to do the call in a quiet environment with minimal distractions if at all possible.

We are searching for things to do to keep the kids busy at home. How can I make the fun of a virtual party last longer than 15-30 minutes?

We hear you. Right now it is super challenging to keep kids entertained at home! Here are some ways you can elongage the fun of your video call: Before the call begins: -Spend some time brainstorming questions your kids would like to ask the character during the call -Watch the movie the morning of or night before so the story and songs are fresh in their mind (and let's be honest, 90 minutes to yourself wouldn't hurt) -Have a tea party with all of your child's favorite stuffed animals and toys and invite a "special guest" to join at the end of the tea party. After the call is over: -Prepare a craft activity themed to the character that your child can do for 20-40 minutes after the call is over -Draw a picture of the character (and if you email us a photo or send us a message on instagram the "character" will write a short note back!) -Write a letter to the character thanking them for the call and mentioning their favorite parts of the call -Put on the movie soundtrack and have your own sing-a-long or dance party! -Check out pinterest for some fun, kid-friendly, themed cooking projects that your family can do after the video call

Can I give a video call or pre-recorded video as a gift?

Of course! Just let us know the details of who you'd like to gift the video to, prepay, supply us with details about the child and the family receiving the gift, and we will handle the rest!

How can I give back?

We are currently donating video calls to children in need. We have set up a GoFundMe to accept donations, and for every $30 donated will pay for one child's wish to be granted! The children who will be receiving the video calls include: -Children with critical illnesses -Children who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus -Children with special needs, disabilities, or unique circumstances Help us by donating now!

I know a child who is in the hospital. Can one of your characters give them a call?

Yes! This is one of our absolute favorite ways to give back, and we have an active gofundme campaign to help us provide these free services to children in need. If you would like to nominate a child to receive a free video call, please fill out our request form here.

Virtual Party FAQ