Ballerina Birthday Party

Ballet Party
Professional Ballerinas for hire
Ballerina themed birthday party
Ballerina at a party
Ballet lesson birthday party
Ballerinas for Ballet Party
Ballerina in Black tutu and leotard
Ballet party ballerina for hire
Ballet themed party
Ballerina at kids birthday party

Ballet Party Activities

A brief warm up, basic exercises, and lesson in technique  

Fun songs with dancing Props (Ribbons, Bells, Scarves, etc.)

Teaching the children some basic choreography for the children to perform!

A brief performance by the ballerina(s) for all children and party guests to enjoy

Photo opportunity with Ballerina(s)

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Celebrant

Activities above can be altered and catered to any age group 2 through 10. 

Activities are performed as time allows, but we suggest the above activities for a 60 minute Ballerina Visit

Ballerina Packages and Pricing


Extend the ballerina(s) for simple face painting or ballerina makeovers: $50/half hr for one Ballerina or $100/half hr for two Ballerinas

Add additional Hairstylist and/or Makeup artists to transform the children into beautiful ballerinas, themselves!


Add a professional face painter to paint full faces, princess crowns, swirls, roses, etc:


Add a professional Photographer: ask for rates

All of our performers are professional dancers and trained in multiple styles of dance, so if you are interested in having a dance party that isn't necessarily ballet themed, let us know and we can most likely customize this for you!