The Brave Princess

All Princess Parties Include the following Standard Activities:







Brave Party Activities

Storytelling and Singing or a Sing-a-long

The Brave Princess will greet the birthday girl and her guests and sit down with them to tell her story and sing a few of her songs in the context of the story including "Touch the Sky." You may also opt to skip the storytelling and just do a brief sing-a-long if you wish this activity to be shorter.

All of our princess performers are wonderful singers and actresses!

Photos with the Brave Princess

The Brave Princess will pose for all the essential photos: Photos with the birthday girl, Family Photos, Group Photos with all the kids, and even individual photos with all the kids if time allows!

Singing Happy Birthday, Coronation Ceremony and a Crown, and hugs goodbye

At about 10 minutes before the Brave Princess has to leave, we recommend bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl. She will then do a coronation ceremony for the birthday girl and present her with a crown that she gets to keep! On her way out the door, she will offer hugs goodbye to all the children who would like one. 

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We also offer the following Additional activities: 

The number of activities you can choose depends on the length of time you book the princess for, the number of princesses you book, and the amount of children you have present and participating. We estimate that one additional activity can be completed in a one hour party, two can be completed in a 90 minute party, and three can be completed in a two hour party. This estimate is based on an average of 15 children.

Glitter Face Painting

Simple cheek, hand, and forehead designs like snowflakes, butterflies, flowers, snowmen, spiders, snakes, skulls, princess crowns, and more with a splash of glitter!

*Designs may vary per performer, and may need to be simplified depending on the number of children in attendance.

*We always offer designs for both boys and girls and encourage all children to participate!

Balloon Twisting

Simple single-balloon creations such as flowers, butterflies, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and swords. 

Princess Makeovers

The Brave Princess can do simple makeup for each of the children, including lip gloss, blush, glitter on the cheeks, and eyeshadow. She can also do simple hair braiding for the girls but this will take additional time, or you can add on a hair stylist to do deluxe braids in the children's hair! See below in our "deluxe activities."

Interactive Group Activities

The Brave Princess can do a variety of interactive activities such as Games, Dancing, Princess Lessons, additional sing-a-long activities, and more! For Games, she will bring a bear plush to help play some themed games such as "Hot Potato," "Where's the Bear?" (a guessing game), Hide and Seek, etc.

Deluxe Princess Dress Up and Fashion Show

This activity is offered for an additional $40 fee. For this activity, the Princess will bring a number of beautiful Princess dresses and skirts in a variety of sizes for the kids to dress up in at the beginning of the party. In addition to the dresses, she will also bring fashion accessories like tiaras, rings, gloves, bracelets, necklaces, and more to wear while the children walk the pink carpet in a perfect princess fashion show! This activity is recommended for groups where the majority of children are age 2-6 (for sizing purposes) and for 15 children or less.

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Merida party character
Merida Party Character for Hire
Merida Princess Party
Scottish princess character for hire
Merida Themed Party
Brave Theme Party

The Brave Princess
Party Packages and Pricing

Add ons:

Deluxe Princess Dress up: $40

Hair Stylist (hair braiding, updos, glitter spray, etc.): $100/hr

Professional Face painter: $100/hr

Photographer: Contact us for rates

*Additional Travel fees may apply depending upon your location

*All activities are performed as time allows. Your performer will do as many activities as possible within your time frame, based on your preferences. We never guarantee that any number of activities can be completed within any given amount of time.

She had the attention of 20 four year olds from beginning to end of her stay

"I had a Tangled-themed party for my daughter's 4th birthday. Rapunzel was FANTASTIC!! She had the attention of 20 four year olds from beginning to end of her 1.5 hour stay. She arrived right on time and was able to do all of the planned activities and then some. First of all, let me say that she looks very much like the real Rapunzel. She began by face painting and had the girls captivated by her beautiful singing. Next, we gathered all the children for a story and more singing. Next they played hide and seek with Pascal, broke open a piñata, and lastly sang Happy Birthday (and had a mini-princess coronation ceremony ) and took pictures with all the guests. My daughter is a little shy and Rapunzel had no problem making her feel comfortable during the entire party. Many of the parents were so impressed that they were inquiring about which other characters The Pure Imagination Company offers so they could have a character at their next party."

Maria A, Newport Beach