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Star Wars Party Characters

Galactic Characters in Action!

Galactic Party Packages and Activities

Light Side Party: One Hour

Choose either a Male Galactic Hero or Female Warrior to join you on your Galactic Adventure! The character you choose will engage the children in a variety of immersive activities, including:


Galactic Hero training academy: Children will learn how to fight the dark side, and will each received a practice light saber (made from a pool noodle) to use for this activity. They will learn some simple Light Saber choreography and have the opportunity to battle one at a time and perform for their family and friends!

They will then be brought through an obstacle courses and a series of active exercises to encourage teamwork, strength, agility, and speed. 

Next, they will play some themed Games such as Find the Droid, Themed Trivia, Hot Potato with the Droid, and more!

The character will Pose for Photos with guests, and

Sing happy birthday to the birthday celebrant and present him or her with a Galactic Hero Certification!

Light Side Meets the Dark Side Party: 90 Minutes

A Galactic Hero or Female Warrior will start off the party with 30 minutes of Galactic Hero Training Academy. Children will learn how to fight the dark side and be taught how to defend themselves by learning some basic Light Saber choreography.

After 30 minutes, the Dark Lord will arrive and battle the Galactic Hero. The children will help use the force to help defeat the Dark Lord, and then each child will have the opportunity to engage him in a light saber battle one at a time!

The characters will then lead the children through an obstacle courses and a series of active exercises to encourage teamwork, strength, agility, and speed. 

Next, they will play some themed Games such as Find the Droid, Themed trivia, Hot Potato with the Droid, and more!

The characters will Pose for Photos, and

Sing happy birthday to the birthday celebrant and present him or her with a Galactic Hero Certification!

Extended Party: Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, or Balloon Twisting

Either of our party packages above can be extended to include Face painting, Temporary Tattoos, or Balloon Twisting. 

In our "Light Side Meets the Dark Side Party," the Dark Lord will always be at the party for one hour, but you may extend the Female Warrior/Galactic Hero for additional time after the Dark Lord leaves to do any of these activities. 

**Most of our Male Galactic Heros offer Balloon Twisting or Temporary Tattoos only (not Face Painting), and our Female Warriors can do any of these three activities. If you specifically are looking for a Male Galactic Hero to do face painting, please email us to inquire about availability. 

Temporary Tattoos would be "Galactic" Themed. 

Examples of simple cheek and hand painting include: Light Sabers, butterflies, flowers, snakes, spiders, snowflakes, hearts, etc.

Examples of our balloon twisting include single-balloon creations like: light sabers, swords, dogs, flowers, cats, dinosaurs, and butterflies. 

We keep our face painting and balloon twisting on the simpler side to accommodate more children in a shorter amount of time. All activities are performed as time allows.

Every performer is different, but here are some estimations of approximately how long we might recommend booking, based on the number of children you are expecting:

10 or less children: 30 minutes for face painting/temporary OR balloon twisting, 1 hour for both face painting/temporary tattoos AND balloon twisting

15-20 children: One hour for face painting/temporary tattoos OR balloon twisting, 90 minutes for both face painting/temporary tattoos AND balloon twisting

25+ children: Two hours. The performer will start with your top priority activity (face painting/temporary tattoos or balloon twisting) and aim to do both activities if possible, which will depend on how many children are actually present and interested in participating. 

**If the performer is available to stay longer than the amount of time you have booked them for, you may be able to extend them for additional time on the day of the party as needed. 

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I hired this company on behalf of the family I nanny with for their sons birthday. He's obsessed with Star Wars so we hired darth Vader and a Jedi. I was worried they would be sub-par, since this is a pretty picky family and a kid who KNOWS his Star Wars. I was so happy! Vader's costume was awesome. The Jedi was knowledgeable and kept the kids attention the entire time! They did a fun training thing and then played some games and made balloons that looked like light sabers, which of course the kids loved. Everyone had an amazing time, even the parents, which was a HUGE relief. Booking was easy (talked to page, she was great) and quick! Thank you pure imagination for the awesome party!!!!

— Juliana, Garden Grove


We were so pleased to have Rey performing at our son's Star Wars Birthday party. She was completely in character, came in as Rey with a bag full of training light sabers, worked so well with her young padawans as they learned the ways of the Force, did some balloon animals, participated in the cake and "Happy Birthday" fun, and finished with some face painting. What a great event! I had a wonderful experience with Pure Imagination Party Company! I would definitely use them again because the kids had a great time and it kept them busy for a good portion of the party. 

— Ryan, Studio City

Darth Vader and Jedi Party Character
Rey Birthday Party Character
Darth Vader holding Red Light Saber
Star Wars Craft Activity
Male Jedi and Children Light Sabers
Jedi ducking away from Darth Vader
Star Wars Party Characters for Kids
Star Wars themed birthday party
Rey Character for hire

Galactic Party Pricing

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