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Toddler Music Entertainment

Our entertainers would love to bring some music and laughter to your next party!

Music parties are great for birthday celebrants age 2-5. 

Music Party Activities


The party starts off with a sing-a-long to some age appropriate popular tunes (nursery rhymes, disney songs, etc.) that will get the kids singing along and intereacting. We like to break up the sit-and-sing portion of the party with lots of dancing to songs like "the freeze," "wiggle wiggle," "rock with me," "animal action," and more. The entertainer will bring dancing props like noise-making bells or shaker eggs, ribbons, and scarves. As time allows, we will also bring a parachute and materials for games to keep the kids moving and having fun. If desired, the entertainer can end their time at the party with photos and singing happy birthday to the birthday celebrant!

For the bulk of the songs, the entertainer will make music by playing a track on a speaker. Some of our entertainers play guitar or ukulele and can accompany themselves for a few songs interspersed throughout the party, but either way the bulk of the music will be played with tracks. If you'd like to specifically request an entertainer who plays an instrument, please let us know so we can check availability.


Most of our toddler entertainers will be dressed in standard, professional attire, but we also offer the option to have your performer is dressed as a "cute clown." Please let us know if this is something that you would like to request! 

Parachute Games for parties

Music and Dance Pricing

For a music and dancing-only party, we recommend 45 minutes, which is priced at $185. This would be for parties where all the kids expected to participate are age 3 and under. We also ask in this case that the parents are actively involved in helping the kids to participate.


If you have at least 5-6 kids who are over the age of three, we will also bring a parachute and materials for games to keep the kids moving and having fun. In this event we recommend booking for one hour, which is priced at $209.


Would you like additional entertainment?
Extend the performer to do some 
balloon twisting and/or face painting: $120/hour

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