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Pink Pig Party Character

Peppa Pig character for parties
Peppa Pig Party Character
Peppa Pig Theme Party
Peppa Pig Puppet Party Character
Peppa Pig Puppet for Hire
Peppa Pig Themed Party
Peppa Birthday Party Character
Peppa Pig Party for Kids
Peppa Pig Birthday Party Character
Peppa Party Character for Kids
Peppa Pig Themed Party

Meet the Pink Pig!

 The "Pink Pig" is sweeping the nation with her British charm and witty sense of humor. We've created the "Pink Pig" puppet to bring this endearing character to life and bring joy to your upcoming party or event! The Pink Pig is a professional puppet manipulated by a puppeteer who can voice-match the character. Kids love that the Pink Pig is able to talk to them, and not only that, but the puppet is child-size (about 2 feet tall) which makes her much less intimidating to small children than a large mascot. The puppeteer for the Pink Pig is completely visible, and will be dressed in all black. The puppeteer is not a ventriloquist, and will be talking for the Pink Pig.

The Pink Pig will be accompanied by a Party Host who will help run the music, lead activities, facilitate conversation and photos, and make sure your party runs smoothly. The Party host can even stay for extra time after the Pink Pig leaves to do some simple face painting and/or balloon twisting. 



Pink Pig Party Activities
and Packages

One Hour Party Includes:

"Pink Pig" Show

~10 min show led by the Pink Pig and Party host. The interactive show includes singing, asking kids questions, counting, show and tell, and dancing!

Dance Party

Dance with the Pink Pig to fun songs like the "Peppa Pig Theme song Remix," "Freeze Dance," "Wiggle Wiggle," "Animal Action," etc.

Interactive Games

After the dancing, play fun party games together! Games will be tailored to the ages present, and examples may include: Hot Potato, Hide and Seek, Musical Muddy Puddles, Limbo, "Duck Duck Pig," and more!

Photos with the Pink Pig

The Pink Pig will pose for all the essential photos: Photos with the birthday celebrant, Family Photos, Group Photos with all the kids, and even individual photos with all the kids if time allows!

Happy Birthday

Gather 'round the cake, and the Pink Pink will help sing 'Happy Birthday' to the Birthday Celebrant! After singing 'Happy Birthday,' she will offer hugs and high fives to all who would like one on her way out

Extended Party:

rainbow_ombre_container_box (2).png
Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

Extend the Party Host for extra time after the Pink Pig leaves the party for simple face painting or balloon twisting. 

Examples of simple cheek and hand painting include: butterflies, flowers, snowflakes, spiders, snakes, skulls

Examples of Simple Balloon Twisting include: Swords, dogs, cats, flowers, butterflies, magic wands, light sabers, and dinosaurs

Reviews and Testimonials

"I hired Pure Imagination for my baby's birthday party. They were so professional in every aspect. Peppa Pig was a huge hit with kids. Even the adults enjoyed the whole show! What I loved the most was how comfortable my 3-year-old and the other toddlers were with the puppet. It was not intimidating for them and they could interact with it well. I'll definitely hire them again for sure. Thank you Pure Imagination for making my party memorable.


-M.D., Los Angeles

500+ 5-star reviews on yelp don't lie!

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Orange_county Yelp Page Pure Imagination

Pink Pig Party Pricing

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