Space Themed Party

Astronaut Party Character

You may choose from any of the following activities, and activities are performed as time allows, based upon your preferences!







Space Themed Party Activities

Face Painting

The entertainer can provide simple cheek, hand, and forehead designs like stars and planets, as well as flowers, snowflakes, butterflies, spiders, snakes, and more with a splash of glitter!

*Designs may vary per performer, and may need to be simplified depending on the number of children in attendance.

*We always offer designs for both boys and girls and encourage all children to participate!.

Balloon Twisting

Simple single-balloon creations such as flowers, butterflies, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and swords. 

Themed Games

The entertainer can play some games with the kids such as Hot Potato, Hide and Seek, Limbo, Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance, and more!

Photos with the Character

The entertainer will pose for all the essential photos: Photos with the birthday girl/boy, Family Photos, Group Photos with all the kids, and even individual photos with all the kids if time allows!

Singing Happy Birthday

At about 10 minutes before the entertainer has to leave, we recommend bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Celebrant. The entertainer will then say their goodbyes, and on their way out the door they will offer hugs to all the children who would like one. 

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Astronaut Party Character Pricing

Add ons:

Professional Face painter: $125/hr

Photographer: Contact us for rates

*Additional Travel fees may apply depending upon your location

*All activities are performed as time allows. Your performer will do as many activities as possible within your time frame, based on your preferences. We never guarantee that any number of activities can be completed within any given amount of time.

The Pure Imagination Party Company is an independent company and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by any other companies. We offer only generic characters based upon public domain fairytales and other stories, and any similarities to copyright material is purely coincidental. No copyright infringement is intended. 

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