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The Silly Snowman Puppet Entertainment

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Meet the Silly Snowman

The Silly Snowman is a high quality puppet, manipulated by a professional puppeteer and voice actor. The Silly Snowman can talk and interact with children, answer their questions, sing "In Summer," pose for photos, dance with children, and most importantly--give warm hugs! This is the ONLY PLACE you will find a Snowman character who can talk and interact with children. While other companies offer a snowman mascot character, we offer a snowman that is proportionate in size to the other characters, which makes him much less intimidating, more relatable to children, and much more believable. The puppeteer for The Silly Snowman is completely visible, and will be dressed in all black. The puppeteer is not a ventriloquist, and will be talking for the Snowman, and our puppeteer sounds just like the REAL character from the movie!


The Silly Snowman must always be accompanied either by a Party Host or another Frozen Character. If you would like The Silly Snowman and and another Frozen character, check out more information and pricing on our Frozen Party Page. 

Silly Snowman Party Activities and Packages

One Hour Party: Interactive fun!

The Silly Snowman will greet the children at your party, and then will sit down to tell them the Frozen Story and sing some songs together including "In Summer," "Do you wanna build a Snowman?" and "Let it Go!" The story is very interactive and allows the kids to laugh and joke along with the Silly Snowman and even show off their knowledge of the movie. 


Then, the party host will bring out some dancing props (Ribbons, Bells, Scarves) and dance to fun songs like "Let it Go," "The Freeze," and more! 


The Silly Snowman and Party Host will then play some games with the kids, as time allows. Examples may include "Snowman Says," "Hot Potato with Olaf (plush)," "Pin the Nose on Olaf," "Hide and Seek with Olaf (plush)," and "Where's the Snowman?"--a guessing game. 


The Silly Snowman will pose for pictures with the kids, sing happy birthday to the guest of honor, and of course, give warm hugs.

Extended Party: Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

After the Silly Snowman says goodbye, the Party Host can stay for additional time to do some simple face painting and balloon twisting with the children. 

Examples of simple cheek and hand painting include: Snowmen, Snowflakes, Reindeer, Flowers, Butterflies, snakes, spiders, hearts, etc. 

Examples of our Balloon Twisting include single-balloon creations like: Dogs, flowers, cats, dinosaurs, swords, and butterflies. 

We keep our face painting and balloon twisting on the simpler side to accommodate more children in a shorter amount of time. All activities are performed as time allows.

Every performer is different, but here are some estimations of approximately how long we might recommend booking, based on the number of children you are expecting:

10 or less children: 30 minutes for face painting OR balloon twisting, 1 hour for both face painting AND balloon twisting

15-20 children: One hour for face painting OR balloon twisting, 90 minutes for both face painting AND balloon twisting

25+ children: Two hours. The performer will start with your top priority activity (face painting or balloon twisting) and aim to do both activities if possible, which will depend on how many children are actually present and interested in participating. 

**If the performer is available to stay longer than the amount of time you have booked them for, you may be able to extend them for additional time on the day of the party as needed. 

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Silly Snowman Party Pricing

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