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Descendants Birthday Party

Mal and Evie for hire
Maleficent character for hire
Evie Descendants birthday party
Evil Queen character for hire
Cruel Fashionista
Maleficent birthday party character
Evie Descendants character for hire
Mal Birthday Party
Maleficent character for hire
Evie Party Character
Maleficent Party Character for Hire
Evil Queen Party Character
Descendants Characters for Kids
Evie for Hire from Descendants
Maleficent Theme Party
Evie Birthday Party Character
Villains Theme Party
Mal Birthday Party Character
Mal Singing with Birthday Girl
Maleficent for hire
Mal and Evie themed party
You may choose from any of the following activities, and activities are performed as time allows, based upon your preferences!







Descendants Party Activities

Meet and Greet

Whether you want the characters to simply greet your guests when they first arrive, or spend an entire hour meeting and greeting with guests, we are open to customization! If you're interested in Maleficent for a Halloween Party or other adult gathering, she can heckle your guests in her villainous way and provide a wonderful time for all guests--young and old!

Facepainting and Temporary Tattoos

Simple cheek, hand, and forehead designs like spiders, snakes, skulls, apples, crowns, and more! We can also include some themed tattoos upon request.

*We always offer designs for both boys and girls and encourage all children to participate!

Balloon Twisting

Simple single-balloon creations such as flowers, butterflies, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and swords. 


We can offer a variety of themed games and activities that are tailored to the age group participating. Examples may include Musical Chairs, Hot Potato, or Freeze Dance with the Descendants Soundtrack, Where's the Fairy Godmother's Wand? (a guessing game), A Villain or Descendants Trivia competition, Descendants Name That Tune, Bring Me, Who's the Villain?, and more!

Photos with the Characters

The character(s) will pose for all the essential photos: Photos with the guest of honor, Family Photos, Group Photos with all the kids, and even individual photos with all the kids if time allows!

Singing Happy Birthday

We recommend bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Celebrant (if applicable) at about 10 minutes before the character(s) have to leave. 


I felt like we were listening to a performer on broadway and not a children's party

The Pure Imagination Party Company was pure fun for both the children and adults at my daughter's Descendants birthday party. My entire experience with this company was exceptional. It began with the scheduling process and a very detailed call to plan the specific activities for my daughter's party. The three characters we hired, Maleficent, Mal and Evie, arrived to our party on time and their costumes were high quality so they looked enough like the real characters to be believable for the children. The performers did a fantastic job of portraying the characters from the Descendants movies and were very interactive throughout the party. Not only did they initiate games for the girls to play but they also joined in on the fun when the girls were creating their own fashion show or dancing. Maleficent set the perfect tone for the party by greeting the guests in her own special, wicked way and then mingling with everyone and taking photos. What really set all three performers apart from what I have experienced at other parties though was their ability to sing. Maleficent in particular captivated the entire room with her rendition of Evil Like Me. I felt like we were listening to a performer on Broadway and not at a children's party. Bravo! I will definitely be using this company again."

Bradley, Glendora

Descendants Videos

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