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Deluxe Wand Upgrade

Add Deluxe Wands onto your Harry Potter Party Package for $8/wand. These wands will be used in our Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson and Dueling Club activities, and the children will get to keep their wands at the end! These wands make great party favors, and enable the children to keep dueling and practicing their magic (and often times occupying themselves) long after the entertainers have left the party!

We will include a wide variety of styles and colors in every party pack of wands purchased. They will be similar to the ones pictured above, but not identical. Every wand is unique, just as no two witches or wizards are quite the same!

When a certain number of wands are purchased, we will prep 5 additional wands that may be purchased on the day of the party, if needed. For example, if you are expecting 15-20 children, we will invoice you for 15 wands ahead of time, and prep 20. If you need any of the 5 extra wands on the day of the party, we will add $8/wand onto your total remaining balance. We recommend booking for the number of kids you're sure you will get, as we won't be able to deduct money from your total balance on the day of the party in the event less than your minimum number show up.

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