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Work Out with a Character!

The Pure Imagination Party Company has recently partnered with Coach B to bring some fun, at-home workouts to everyone at home! Each workout includes a special appearance from one of our characters that will be sure to motivate and surprise the kids watching. We hope that these workouts will be a great resource for parents who are home schooling, and help to keep kids active during online learning.

Warm Up Video

Be sure to start every workout with this warm up video!

Dance with Mr Mouse

8 minute Dance Party

Join Mr Mouse in his Clubhouse and dance to some of his favorite tunes.

Seated Workout with Ladybug

This accessible and inclusive workout gets everyone moving and exercising...from their chair! Great for brain breaks.

Workout with Ladybug Hero

Our most popular workout video - cardio kickboxing with the Ladybug Hero!

Workout with Mr Mouse

A moderate intensity workout for kids including squats, marching, lunges, and pushups

Workout with Ninja Turtle

Boxing and Ninja inspired workout for kids including punches, squat kicks, and sit-ups

Dance with Mr Mouse (long)

30 minute Dance Party

A replay of one of our most popular Instagram Live events - Dance Party with Mr Mouse!

Workout with Toy Space Ranger

Join us in space for a Midline Workout with Toy Space Ranger

Spider Hero Workout

Work out with the Spider Hero! A Boxing workout with extra stretching.

Workout with Snow Queen

Winter inspired workout for kids including skater lunges, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks

Workout with Patrol Pup

Work out with the Fire Pup! Lunges, Frog Jumps, and Windmills

Workout with Little Mermaid

Work out with the Little Mermaid! Curtsy Lunges, Skater Lunges,and Squat touches.

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