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Free Cinco De Mayo Craft for Kids

Looking for a fun stay-at-home activity for kids this Cinco de Mayo? Check out this Pinata craft from the "Latina Princess!" Kids will learn how to make and customize their very own mini-pinata, and fill it with their favorite candy or treats. Be sure to stay tuned during the video for a fun sing-a-long as well!

In this video, our Princess is very excited to celebrate this wonderful and historical holiday. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of one of Mexico’s biggest victories: their victory over the French Empire during the Battle of Puebla in 1862! It is a day of festivals and ceremonies throughout Mexico. What better way to celebrate than with traditional treats and a piñata?! The Princess will teach kids how to make and customize their very own mini piñata! Using some simple craft materials (listed below) that you may have around the house, you and your child can create a new decoration for your home and fill it with their favorite candy or treats. Be sure to stay tuned during the video for a fun Princess sing-a-long as well!

Materials Needed:

Toilet Paper Roll

3+ colors of Tissue Paper

Glue (glue stick or Elmer's glue)



Candy to fill the pinata

Anything else to decorate!


  1. Begin with one sheet of tissue paper and cut out a square. This should be large enough to cover one open end of your toilet paper roll.

  2. Fold that square in half along the diagonal.

  3. Cut a small “x” in the middle of the square to allow the candy to release easier later on.

  4. Place the square over one end of the toilet paper roll and tape it into place.

  5. Tape one end of your ribbon to the center of the tissue paper over the “x” to create a pull cord out the bottom of the pinata.

  6. Stack 3 pieces of tissue paper and align them so that all edges match up. Cut strips that are approximately 1 inch wide.

  7. Make small slits along the strips to make a fringe for the pinata. Be sure to leave approximately a finger’s width of uncut tissue at the top of each strip to allow you to glue them into place.

  8. Make a thin line of glue along the strip of tissue and begin wrapping it around the toilet paper roll. You will want to wrap in a spiral motion so that your tissue begins at the very bottom and works its way up the tube. Where one strip ends, take your next strip of tissue to continue wrapping until the tube is covered!

  9. Add any other decorations you like!

  10. Lastly, add your treats!

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