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5 Reasons Why the Spiderman Character Rental Is the Leading Character Rental of 2022

Hire spiderman for birthday party posed hero with happy child.

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! For decades, Spiderman has appealed to the masses. But why? Possibly because he really can do whatever a spider can. What is it about this specific superhero that has the world in a frenzy? Spiderman is regarded as one of the most profitable superhero characters to date and arguably the most recognizable to both children and adults alike, globally. According to The Numbers, the character’s movies have grossed more than $8 billion worldwide. In 2022, countless children have had a Spiderman birthday party, topping the list as the leading superhero character rental. Read on and discover what makes this superhero a fan favorite and why you should hire a Spiderman for a birthday party for your kid, or maybe just a young-at-heart adult! Note: while Pure Imagination doesn't offer Spiderman, we do offer our very own Spider Hero and you can find out more about him here.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Spiderman Character Rental Is Popular

1. Spiderman is relatable.

He is everyone's friendly neighborhood Spidey. Although as a society people tend to like superhero movies for action, adventure, and escaping their everyday lives, relatability is also a key factor that plays into Spiderman’s overall popularity ranking. Besides the fact that he has radioactive spider DNA coursing through his veins, he is extremely "human." He messes up once in a while and has problems just like every other average person. Peter Parker has had to deal with the trials and tribulations of a childhood marred by tragedy, not unlike many young adults. He was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben after a horrible plane crash took his parents from him. Even with this childhood trauma, or maybe because of it, he’s a character always willing to help those who need it most, even without his renowned Spiderman suit on.

Underneath that webbed suit is a geeky high schooler who deals with the everyday woes of adolescence including crushes, love, schoolyard bullies, and friendship. On the flip side of that, Spiderman is charismatic, sarcastically funny, and uniquely quirky, qualities which tend to draw the audience in. What’s not to like?

Children see Spiderman as someone who is just like them - a multifaceted character who goes to school, has a modest friend group, deals with the occasional bully, and secretly crushes on the attractive popular kid. He doesn’t drive expensive cars, private jets, own luxury homes, or have a ton of money to use as he pleases. At the end of the day, unlike most superheroes, he’s just a kid trying to get through school while saving the world and making it a better place for everyone.

2. The Spiderman character has the ultimate list of ‘Spidey Powers’.

One of Spiderman’s well-known powers is his ability to climb walls and other surfaces with his adhesive stick. This comes in handy when he is running after villains and hiding for his next sneak attack. Next, Spiderman has super strength. Did you know that spiders are incredibly strong? According to Pests Hero, spiders can lift up to eight times their weight. The same goes for Spiderman, as he is able to carry up to ten tons. Coupled with his web-shooters and superhero speed, Spiderman has been able to easily escape sticky situations. He has been shown on multiple occasions to outrun villains, explosions, fallen powerlines and trees, car crashes, and more. When he does come in contact with unsavory villains, he uses his reflexes and agility to defeat them and ultimately save the world. Spiderman also has a great healing factor. When he gets badly injured during a battle with a villain, he is able to heal faster than the average human being. Although he isn’t immune to anything, his superhuman body allows him to recover quickly. Finally, we cannot forget his infamous spider senses. His spider senses allow him to sense danger before it happens. The higher threat of danger or how close in proximity the danger will occur increases the tingling sensation in the back of his head. His spider senses can also help him navigate when he is disoriented in any way such as with vision or hearing issues. It is no wonder that children enjoy having Spiderman at their birthday parties and even dressing up as him for Halloween. They want to take part in his amazing superpowers and look cool with his spider suit.

3. He is literally E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

Good luck escaping him! The Spiderman character is everywhere and on everything. Spiderman is one of Marvel’s most recognizable superheroes; he’s been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From Spiderman’s inception, there have been multiple Spiderman adaptations. Since the 1960s, there have been more than 500 different versions of Spiderman comic books published. With the popularity of his comic books, came hit movies and television shows. From 2002 to 2021 alone, there have been nine movies based on this lovable neighborhood superhero (one animated film and eight live-action).

In December 2021, the Spiderman movie, “No Way Home” was released. It’s highly possible that the wild success of this particular movie catapulted the character to new heights, increasing the demand of Spiderman character rentals at children’s birthday parties. If you aren’t a fan of the movies though, there are also 11 animated television series based on the Spiderman character that likely contribute to his popularity. Not to mention that more than 15 novels have been published centered on Spiderman’s solo story alone, as well as novels written incorporating other Marvel superheroes. Whether you find yourself a lover of movies, television shows, or books there’s something out there for pretty much everyone.

In today’s digital age, you can access Spiderman in seconds. Gone are the days where we had to trek out to a video rental store to get our hands on a copy of the newest Spiderman movie or an old television series. These days, kids have it easy with the plethora of streaming services available that give viewers instant access to Spiderman content, not to mention the many platforms that offer the comics.

What about merchandise, you ask? In addition to the mind boggling multi-billion dollar Spiderman movie franchise, the character maintains massive material appeal with varied merchandise available to a global audience. Parents can treat their kids to just about anything branded with Spiderman - clothing, shoes, bedding, school supplies, toys, wrapping paper. The list goes on. On top of that, did you know that out of the 20-plus superheroes in Marvel Comics, Spiderman is one of two superheroes to have a dedicated amusement park ride? Beat that, Iron Man!

It’s kind of hard to ignore that kind of prolific longevity and the mass saturation of Spiderman’s visibility unless you’re living under a rock, and super easy to see why the Spiderman character rental is so popular this year (and every year).

4. Spiderman sparks fantasy, adventure and admiration.

When Peter Parker suits up, he becomes a completely different person. He instantly goes from a nerdy student to a confident crime-fighting superhero. It’s no wonder kids lean into that kind of adventure-seeking escapism, entering a fantasy world where anyone can do anything. Imagine getting bit by a spider (and not dying) on a school trip (or anywhere for that matter), then suddenly discovering a newfound ability to climb walls and the gift of super strength. Wouldn't you think that is the COOLEST thing ever? Kids seem to think so. It’s easy to understand how Spiderman’s transformative ability and crime-stopping nature inspire children to feel empowered. He embodies justice, confidence, strength and kind-heartedness--qualities likely admired by children who may have encountered bullies or may not feel seen or understood. Plus, he’s just plain cool. Who wouldn’t want to help save the world and make it a better place for all? When Spiderman puts on that suit, it gives him the confidence and ability he needs to face the world. He is the ultimate crime-stopping superhero that flings from building to building with his web-shooter, constantly fighting off villains like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Sandman, Vulture, and Thanos, all on his own or with the help of the Avengers team. Spiderman is basically the ultimate flying hero who can do pretty much anything he wants as long as he isn’t caught by his Aunt May and is in school on time the next day.

5. Spidey transcends age and gender.

Spiderman has been a fan favorite since he first debuted back in the early 1960s. Generation after generation has had a chance to witness, play with or wear Spiderman merchandise, and even dress up like him for Halloween. Spiderman is well-liked by everyone because he is an all-around kind and loyal person, and as previously mentioned, he’s been around for decades. Unlike a few other well-known superheroes who shall remain nameless, Spiderman isn’t arrogant or casually rude, he’s wholesome and nurturing.

On many occasions when parents or grandparents rent Spiderman for a child’s birthday party, it’s actually a treat for the entire family. While the kids get to experience a sense of childlike wonder enjoying the doting attention and interaction from Spiderman, parents are transported back in time by nostalgia and reminded of their own childhood love for the character growing up. They get the chance to remember their own fondness for Spiderman television shows or collecting his comic books. It can be a bonding experience between parent and child with a level of shared excitement.

Throughout the years, gender stereotypes about superheroes not being for girls have been debunked, finally allowing everyone to participate in the joy that Spiderman brings. Since the very beginning, superheroes had always been marketed towards boys or a more masculine audience. As obvious as it seems to us now, girls (and nonbinary youth) also love the idea of super strength, speed, and saving the world. Basically, Spiderman is the great unifier. Who doesn’t love to dress up, run around, and play superhero games? Whether you hire a Spiderman for a birthday party for a boy or girl, fun is pretty much guaranteed regardless of gender.


In summary, it’s pretty hard not to love Spiderman and understand why the character is an extremely popular superhero character rental. Peter Parker is a middle class character who typically doesn’t partake in the finer things in life. He’s fallible and human (despite his superpowers) who makes mistakes like everybody else. Peter doesn’t put on a facade; what you see is what you get. It’s easy to theorize that he is well-liked by all due to his sincere personality and loyalty.

Since Spiderman’s introduction into the superhero world, he has been a hit among both parents and children. Parents get to relive their childhood through introducing their own children to the character, having grown up reading Spiderman comic books or dressing up as him for Halloween. Spiderman’s long list of superpowers also give him an edge that other superheroes lack. He can climb walls, run super fast, has incredible strength, and is able to fight off bad guys! Spiderman invokes a fantasy world and adventure to all who seek it, providing children with a fun sense of escapism from their day to day lives.

With all of the Spiderman movies, comic books, television shows, novels, and merchandise, he is truly everywhere and continues to progressively garner more attention as the years go on and the franchise continues. He is objectively one of the most profitable and marketable superhero characters out there and some would say, rightfully so. It’s probably the combination of his uniquely nerdy and relatable personality blended together with the transformative quality that makes him so beloved and the leading character rental of 2022. When you rent Spiderman for a birthday party, prepare for unbridled joy.

Disclaimer: Spiderman is not offered by The Pure Imagination Party Company, but we do offer our own Spider Hero! Find out more about booking him here.

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