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7 Reasons Why the Elsa Birthday Party is Consistently Most Popular

An Elsa party entertainer dressed like Elsa stands posed in front of a Frozen background.

With the summer season in full blast, it seems every parent is searching for a fabulous Elsa party entertainer; Elsa being the most in-demand princess of all the princess characters for parties. But it’s not just the summer that makes this cool snow queen so popular, Elsa has consistently remained in the Top 5 most requested party characters for hire for the past several years. Whether it be an Elsa birthday party for children or a holiday themed Frozen Elsa party, there’s no doubt that she’s the queen of the castle. So what is it that makes Elsa and Frozen in general so popular?

Considering Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019) both earned “highest grossing animated movie of all time,” the world is clearly obsessed with the snow queen’s story. With its Oscar-winning song, Let it Go, the fact that Disney had to develop an entirely new way to animate snow, and it's fabulous and fun characters, the Frozen franchise has a lot going for it. But dig a little deeper and you'll see why these movies offer a whole host of reasons for being so popular and why the Elsa party entertainer is so sought after amongst young children.

1. Elsa is the coolest princess

Elsa’s magic alone is enough to excite anyone. With her ability to literally raise ice castles from nothing, construct gorgeous snow gowns, create giant snow beasts, and wrangle water stallions, Elsa’s powers are pretty incredible. What child wouldn’t want to spontaneously create snow or a snowman?

Beyond that, Elsa is a very relatable person. While young children might not be able to appreciate the complex past that molded her character, they can understand that Elsa is overall misunderstood, and this makes her a super interesting character.

Her development in Frozen II is even cooler. Elsa grows to be a more independent, self-assured person, not to mention that she befriends an awesome water horse, the wind, and a salamander friend. This all leads her to earning her role as the fifth nature spirit and protector of the Northuldra people.

Going from "Snow Queen" to Queen of Arendelle to protector and nature spirit of Northuldra is pretty incredible and that’s why there’s no question that Elsa is one of the coolest Disney princesses.

While Pure Imagination doesn't offer Elsa, you can find out about booking our Snow Queen character, here. Our Snow Queen character tells stories, sings songs and does all sorts of fun children's activities such as glitter face painting and balloon twisting. Find out more about our princess party activities here.

2. Her sister Anna is the hero we can all relate to (plus she’s equally as awesome)

Let’s not forget about one of the most relatable heroes in Disney history, Anna of Arendelle. Not only is she super endearing with her klutziness, awkwardness, goofiness, and love for chocolate, but she is also a fabulous role model for kids. Anna is a positive, driven, and independent woman who will do whatever it takes to be there for her sister. She helps kids realize that you don’t have to be perfect to be the hero--you just need heart, determination, and a little help.

In Frozen II, Anna continues to teach kids very important lessons. With the overall tone of the movie being much more serious, Anna goes from her goofy and optimistic self to learning some serious life lessons and finding ways to keep going and save Arendelle (and Elsa) for a second time. She shows kids how to be strong and how to believe in yourself, even in the darkest times. Anna is not just a support character, she’s definitely the main hero of this franchise and redefines princesses and heroes, by being both and that’s pretty cool.

You can see why so many kids request a joint Anna and Elsa birthday party theme, since you really can’t have one without the other.

Princess Anna party character from Frozen posing in front of a white background.

3. Those silly sidekicks

There’s nothing better (and cuter) than a Disney sidekick, and Frozen and Frozen II gives us three! Olaf, Sven, and Bruni are some fabulous friends that any kid would want to have by their side.

While Sven has a little less to say, this reindeer provides a lot of lightheartedness and some pretty relatable facial reactions. Everyone loves dogs and Sven is pretty much a dog in a reindeer’s body. His loyalty, obsession with carrots, and love for Kristoff and the gang is adorable and something that is clear even without words, making him a fabulous, furry sidekick.

Bruni is also short on words, but loves to play with fire. As the adorable salamander fire spirit, this little friend is just plain cute and easily loved by kids. While he’s definitely misunderstood at first (considering he sets things on fire when he’s scared), Elsa makes the effort to reach out and show him compassion which brings him out of his cute and adorable shell. Bruni is a perfect example of how it’s important to be patient and treat others with compassion, a lesson we could all learn.

With lines like “Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled,” and “I can’t feel my legs”, or “Some people are worth melting for,” Olaf is not only hilarious, but also an incredibly heartwarming sidekick. His goofy ballad, "In Summer," is full of nonsensical lyrics and rhymes that kids can giggle at. Plus, he’s a snowman! What kid wouldn’t want a sentient snowman sidekick? Olaf is a great character that makes the tense moments lighter, and helps kids easily understand the larger and more important messages about love and friendship. The Pure Imagination Party Company is the only company to offer a Silly Snowman *puppet* character who interacts with kids, tells stories and sing songs. You can find out more about booking him here.

These three sidekicks make it tricky to choose just one as a favorite, but either way, it’s clear that they’re made for kids and loved by kids.

4. Kristoff is a perfect example of what a prince should be

While we don’t condone picking your nose, Kristoff is another relatable character that sets the stage for redefining what a prince should be. With his goofy sarcasm, love for his reindeer, and obsession with his sled, Kristoff is another hero we can all see ourselves being. Not only that, but Kristoff sets a fabulous example of how to be a supportive partner by being that to Anna (take a moment to read the whole article about how he's a feminist prince). Kristoff is a character we can easily swoon over and love as a stellar example for romantic relationships everywhere.

5. The music gives us chills

Everyone loves a good song to scream your heart out to, and Frozen and Frozen II certainly provides this!

Between "Let it Go," "Into the Unknown," "Show Yourself," there are so many songs for your kids to sing over and over and over. With songs like "In Summer" and "When I'm Older" there are also songs that can give the kids a case of the giggles.

But the Frozen Franchise also brings us songs on the more serious side. Songs like, "Some Things Never Change," "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," and "The Next Right Thing," are powerful because they cover some very important life lessons and discuss topics like how life changes and how to get through difficult times. While these lessons may not be as fun (and are oftentimes very sad), they are certainly important.

The Frozen franchise finds a way to mix the silly with the serious in their music and it continues to try to teach kids the truly important lessons in life in a way that’s easier to understand. These deeper concepts are a perfect jumping off points for serious questions and conversations for parents to have.

Overall, there are lots of songs in these movies that stay with your kids and help them laugh and learn important lessons that they will carry through life.

6. Real romance sets a new (and better) example for kids

This one might be more for the parents, but even still, kids are smart. With older Disney movies treating love at first sight as a reason to instantly marry, this definitely looks absurd (even to kids!) today. And while the fantastical notion of love at first sight is something fun to daydream about, it’s certainly not how life works the majority of the time. That’s an important message for kids and grownups alike. Frozen and Frozen II are some of the first new Disney animated movies that totally flip this trope on its head.

The symbolic story of Hans and Anna makes Disney’s new feelings about this narrative very clear and it’s an important message for kids. Not only that, but the romance between Anna and Kristoff is also incredibly important. Seeing the slow and realistic pace of Anna and Kristoff’s relationship spread over two movies is a fabulous example for kids. With this new example of an actual healthy relationship, kids can fall in love with real love and what’s better than that?

Plus, the fact that Elsa doesn’t end up with a romantic interest is an equally important lesson for kids. Elsa is a great example that you don’t need a romantic partner, and your value is not determined by whether or not you have one. The snow queen has grown and strengthened all on her own, and that is truly powerful.

Since kids learn by example, these movies set the stage for these important lessons and makes sure that they stick.

7. The power of sisters and found family

Finally, these movies celebrate the unbreakable bonds of siblings and family. Seeing these sisters beat all the odds with their loyalty and love for each other is the real power behind these movies and a message that is important for all of us. Additionally, for kids who don’t have siblings or who are adopted, seeing that family can be found (with Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf), and this kind of family is equally as powerful and loving, is also an important life lesson.

No one can do everything totally alone and the Frozen franchise makes sure to emphasize this. Elsa would not do well without Anna, Anna would struggle without Kristoff, and so on. While all these characters are strong on their own and can definitely handle things when life get tough, it’s definitely made much easier with friends and family. Showing kids that strength is not only something you can find on your own, but something you can also find with loved ones is a really solid message. Sometimes being strong is asking for help, and that is another key lesson that Frozen teaches.


Between the amazing and relatable heroes, goofy and fantastic sidekicks, stellar music, and fabulous messages about life, real love, and family loyalty, this story is powerful and compelling for everyone, especially kids. Whether they enjoy how cool Elsa is, how goofy and real Anna is, dream of having snow powers all their own, want their own awesome and adorable sidekicks, love a supportive relationship like Kristoff and Anna’s, love the sisterly bond, or just can’t stop singing the songs, there’s definitely something for every kid to love.

So it’s easy to understand why kids would want to make these stories and characters a part of their own life and have Elsa, Anna, and Olaf join them in their own celebrations. These reasons are definitely why Elsa is our most popular birthday party offering.

Who wouldn’t want their very own snow queen at their party?

Disclaimer: While Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are not offered by The Pure Imagination Party Company, we do offer our own Snow Queen, Frozen Princess, Frozen Prince and Silly Snowman characters available for hire! Find out more about booking them here.

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