Princess Playdates and Princess Camp

Mon-Fri from 10am-12pm PST/1pm-3pm EST

Spring Semester of Princess Playdates


Saturdays from 10am-12pm PST/1pm-3pm EST

Princess Summer Camp

Every week 6/14-8/20


Throughout the virtual class, your child will engage in a variety of fun activities, get the opportunity to talk to the princess one-on-one, and share in a bit of Fairytale magic right from their home.


Each Virtual Princess Playdate will be led by a different princess, so in 8 Saturdays your child would meet 8 different princesses! For summer camp, 10 days in a row will be a different princess character (2 weeks M-F), and 20 classes in a row (4 weeks) will have different activities (for example you may meet the same princess twice in 4 weeks, but they would lead a different craft and dance class). 

Here is our daily outline:

• 20 minutes Story time and Sing-a-long
• 10 min break
• 40 minute Arts and Crafts Class
• 10 minute break
• 30 minute Dance class
• 10 minutes of Show and Tell

Age recommendations: 3-8 (children under 7 will likely need parental assistance with craft activities)

Pricing and Duration

Each class is 2 hrs long.

Princess Playdates: Classes can be booked as a semester (8 weeks), or as a one-day Drop-in. Current Drop in rate is $19/class or $130 for 8 weeks ($16.25/class).

Princess Camp: A week of camp M-F is priced at $95, and a one-day Drop-in is priced at $19/class

Materials needed:
Materials needed can be found here:

Schedule of Princesses for Playdates:

5/1 Beast's Beauty

5/8 Frozen Princess

5/15 Polynesian Princess

5/22 Latina Princess

5/29 Sleeping Beauty

6/5 Snow Queen

6/12 Scottish Princess

6/19 Snow White

Welcome to Princess Playdates and Princess Camp!


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