Princess Playdates and Princess Camp

Saturdays from 10am-12pm PST/1pm-3pm EST

Princess Summer Camp
Every week 6/14/21-6/18/21 and 8/2/21-8/6/21

Mon-Fri from 10am-12pm PST/1pm-3pm EST

Spring Semester of Princess Playdates


Throughout the virtual class, your child will engage in a variety of fun activities, get the opportunity to talk to the princess one-on-one, and share in a bit of Fairytale magic right from their home.


Each Virtual Princess Playdate will be led by a different princess, so in 8 Saturdays your child would meet 8 different princesses! For summer camp, 10 days in a row will be a different princess character (2 weeks M-F), and 20 classes in a row (4 weeks) will have different activities (for example you may meet the same princess twice in 4 weeks, but they would lead a different craft and dance class). 

Here is our daily outline:

• 20 minutes Story time and Sing-a-long
• 10 min break
• 40 minute Arts and Crafts Class
• 10 minute break
• 30 minute Dance class
• 10 minutes of Show and Tell

Age recommendations: 3-8 (children under 7 will likely need parental assistance with craft activities)

Pricing and Duration

Each class is 2 hrs long.

Princess Playdates: Classes can be booked as a semester (8 weeks), or as a one-day Drop-in. Current Drop in rate is $19/class or $130 for 8 weeks ($16.25/class).

Princess Camp: A week of camp M-F is priced at $95, and a one-day Drop-in is priced at $19/class

Materials needed:
Materials needed can be found here:

Schedule of Princesses for Playdates:

6/5 Snow Queen

6/12 Scottish Princess

6/19 Snow White

Welcome to Princess Playdates and Princess Camp!


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When and how will I receive the zoom links for my classes?

If you book through our website (hosted by hisawyer.com) you will be automatically sent the link to your class 30 minutes before the class starts. If you book through kidpass, the links will be emailed to you in your kidpass confirmation email. If you have not received the link(s), please send us a follow up email to info@pureimaginationparty.com to ensure you have everything you need!

On what platforms are your virtual camps and classes? Are you offering any in person classes or camps?

All of our classes and camps are virtual at this time, and on zoom. Please download zoom prior to class.

What time zone are you in? Does it matter where I live?

The times listed on our website are in PST, but you can join from anywhere in the world!

How can I give back?

We are currently donating video calls and days of summer camp to children in need. We have set up a GoFundMe to accept donations, and for every $30 donated will pay for one child's wish to be granted! The children who will be receiving the video calls and days of camp include: -Children with critical illnesses -Children who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus -Children with special needs, disabilities, or unique circumstances Help us by donating now!

What are your age recommendations?

All ages can participate in any of our camps, but younger children may require some assistance. We recommend teaching your child to mute and unmute themselves (when requested by the teacher) so that you don't have to do that for them throughout the class. Here are our age recommendations per class: Princess Art Class: age 3-6 with parental assistance, 7-10 with little to no assistance. Princess Dance Class: age 4-10; 3 year olds are welcome but might have trouble focusing Princess Storytime: age 3-10 Wizard Camp: 6-12 (younger may participate with parental assistance, but some familiarity of Harry Potter is strongly recommended) Superhero Camp:Princess Art Class: age 3-6 with parental assistance, 7-10 with little to no assistance.

Will I need to provide any materials for your camps or classes?

Storytelling and Dance classes require no materials. Some materials will be required for all art classes (includes princess camp, princess playdates, princess arts and crafts, wizard camp, and superhero camp). Check out our material list webpage to find out what materials will be needed on each day! We have tried our best to keep all materials to basic household materials (such as construction paper, glue, markers, paper plates, etc.) so that it's as simple for you as possible.

Will my child be able to talk to the characters, or will they be on mute the whole time?

Your child will absolutely get to talk to the characters! There will be times in the camp when everyone will be on mute, but there will also be designated times when the children can ask questions, say hello, or do show and tell.

Can I try a class before committing to a whole week or session?

Yes! We offer one-day drop in passes for all of our camps and class sessions, and for our Princess Camp we even offer shorter 30 minute classes which can be used as a trial. We do not offer a free trial at this time. However, if you are a kidpass member or join us on Instagram, we often offer and advertise free classes that your kids can participate in.

How do I know which characters will be there each day?

Want to know which characters are on which day? View our Schedule of Characters.

Does my child need any prior knowledge of the characters?

For Princess and Superhero camp, no prior knowledge is needed. For Wizard Camp, we recommend that children have a familiarity with the "Harry Potter" series (book/movie #1 is fine), but it is not required.

More questions? Contact us