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Virtual Summer Camp

Spring Break Camp and Summer Camp 2021 Sign ups are now open!!

Summer Camp 2021


2 hour Princess Camp Includes:

  • 30 minutes of Storytime and Singing

  • 30 minutes of themed Art Classes

  • 30 minutes of Princess Dance Class

  • New princess characters for 10 days in a row, and new activities for 20 days in a row

  • Book a 4 weeks, 1 week, or 1 day!

  • Recommended for Age 4-9

1 hour Wizard Camp Includes:

  • Sorting Ceremony for all kids

  • Wand Making craft

  • Potions Lesson

  • Spells Lesson

  • Divination Lesson

  • 5 day camp with Hogwarts instructor and surprise appearances from characters from the series (last day of camp)

  • Recommended for ages 5-11

40 minute Superhero Camp Includes:

  • Superhero physical activity classes

  • Superhero themed crafts and design-your-own-superhero

  • Games and other themed activities

  • Meet 5 superheroes in a week of camp!

  • Recommended for Age 4-8

Dates and Times offered:

  • June 14th-18th

  • August 2nd-6th

  • Time: M-F 10am-12pm PST

  • Also offering "Princess Playdates" every Saturday through 6/19

Dates and Times offered:

  • June 21st-25th 2021

  • Time: 1-2pm PST

Dates and Times offered:

  • June 28th-July 2nd 2021

  •  Time: 1-1:40pm PST


1 hr Frozen Camp Includes:

  • Games, crafts, dancing, singing, and acting

  • Perfect for your Frozen lovers and little performers and artists

  • Put on a "Frozen" performance at the end of 5 days of Camp for your friends and family - on zoom!

  • Recommended for age 5-9

Dates and Times offered:

  • July 5th-9th: Frozen Camp

  • Time: 1-2pm PST

1 hr Dance Camp Includes:

  • Led by "Descendant of Maleficent" character

  • Learn a new dance every day to fun, "Descendants" music!

  • Put on a performance at the end of the week for all of your friends and family members on zoom!

  • Recommended for age 5-11

Dates and Times offered:

  • July 26th-30th

  • Time: 1-2pm PST

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